This was an article written for internet marketers who closely follow how Google is operating in order to maximize exposure through the search engine's results pages (the SERP's).

Hey Google, why so many paid ads on the front page?!

If you're like me and used Google as your default search engine then you might of noticed that over the last few years Google has put more and more paid advertisements on the result pages. At first they just appeared in the right hand column, but now they are being put on the main column. It started with them just putting one at the top, and it was clearly marked as a paid advertisement, it was easy to see the first organic result, which for me always seemed to offer the information I was looking for, the paid adverts however always seemed to take me to a sales page which was immediately looking to sell me something. I wanted information, I didn't want to buy something!

Where is Google going with this?!

The only logical reason I can come up as to why Google might be doing this is because they want be able to report higher quarterly profits to the shareholders, but to me it seems they are reducing the quality of their search results simply to increase profits. At this rate there will only be four or five natural spots left on the first page and whilst Google bans many websites from its indexes for "unnatural links", it seems it's OK though as long as your buying those from Google. Double standards much?!

So what's the future for Google?

It wouldn't surprise me if Google's users soon start complaining about all of the ads which are being displayed, they have much less relevance to your search term and the advertiser is simply getting those positions because it paid the most because Google adverts run using a bidding system. It's hardly anything to do with how relevant the website is.

Are people going to stop using Google because of this?

I can see people switching to one of Google's competitors soon. Google has for a long time been what I considered the best search engine since it always used to give me the most relevant results, but this filling the first page with paid advertisements is preventing this, I'm not interested in what that advertiser has to offer, it's the organic listings which always given me the information I was looking for.

How this has affected my search engine optimization methods

As a web developer I have now stared to modify my search engine optimization techniques to focus less on Google and I now spend more time trying to get my websites ranked in Bing and Yahoo now.

I have returned to using the meta tags and descriptions much more again since Yahoo and Bing still use them, and I am also tending to use more white hat SEO techniques for my sites as I want them to last a long time. Google still finds it easy to de-index your site of they find too many links which they don't approve of, but like any wise internet entrepreneur, I'm not putting all of my eggs into Google's basket any more.

With Google's trend of moving more and more to paid advertising I'm trying to get a head start by focusing more on my rankings in the other search engines as I think people are going to be switching away from Google because of how they are operating.

Maybe Google will end up for all intents and purposes a paid business listing directory as time goes on? It certainly seems to be going that way at present.

This was a blogpost written for people wanting to become web developers.

How To Enter Web Development

In this tutorial we shall assume you have very basic programming/coding skills. You may have created some web pages using HTML, you might know what PHP and MySQL are. Maybe you tried to use them too. Excellent. Let’s get down to it.

What skills do I need to become a web developer?

So, the task of web development uses three fundamental areas of technology. The web server (ie: the host), the website visitor (ie: the client), and the bit in between (in this tutorial we use PHP).

As a developer you will typically use one main programming (or scripting) language for each of the three parts. SQL on the web server, HTML/CSS on the client, and PHP for the bit in between.

Typically in a software house/production environment each person will be tasked with taking care of one of these three areas. The larger the company, the more specialized each person’s role would be. So if you intend to be a “master of all trades”, then you would look to have a skill set in all three areas and find employment within a smaller firm. If you plan to work within a large company, the more you should focus on one single area, and due to the increasing number of job applicants available to employers (worldwide often), the deeper your understanding of the software/methods the better.

Let’s say you wish to be the SQL/database guy, your code will have to be given to the guy who covers the bit in the middle, the PHP guy, ready to go, so he can plug that code into his code, and give him the results/response his code is expecting, often that would be the information he needs out the database, so his code he can then give to the HTML/CSS guy. Therefore, each of the three ares is then taken care of.

How do I learn web development skills?

As you can see above, I have described the three areas of web development using PHP, SQL and HTML/CSS. Theses are the most common technologies used for website development, are often open source (such as MySQL, PHP and HTML/CSS), these are tried and tested technologies and well tested in a huge range of computing areas. Websites hosted on a Windows server most commonly use Microsoft SQL Server, and ASP in the place of PHP.

However, no matter the language used, the logical thought process is still the same, your tool kit will be made of text/strings, numbers/integers and lists/arrays. You’ll use these to make objects you can pass between you guys. How you create them using the three things listed is your job. Your the database guy remember.

How can I prove my web development skills to a potential employer?

Without doubt it is having a great portfolio, and for each piece of your work you should have written a great personal commentary on how you developed the site/code. Be ready to answer questions in a confident way by using proven methods which make logical sense.

Having great human communication skills is also a major advantage, so make sure you speak human to IT language clearly and concisely, and be unambiguous in ideas and implementation suggestions. It helps everyone. So you can as a team create one shared vision.

Have I got what it takes to be a web developer?

Web development is one of the fastest changing fields of work and you’ll be learning for life, but however the fundamentals are the fundamentals. Don’t be a slave to one particular programming language or way of doing things. Once you start to learn three or four different languages you begin to realize that they all pretty work much the same way, it is just the syntax that differs.

This was for a company’s website. They sold business leads to insurance companies. They wanted to update their website in a bid to increase their visitor to enquiry conversion rate.

As can been seen the article doesn't flow very naturally, nor does it invoke any passion or desire in the reader. There are a number of both spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

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Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites, where members “follow” one another keeping each other updated about what is they are up to. Twitter posts/messages (or “Tweets” as they are called) appear instantly on your follower’s Twitter homepage. Tweets can then be favorite’d by them, and be re-tweeted (where your follower sends it to all of their followers). Three sample Tweets for:

  • Hotel
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Keyword: New York City.

A Tweet for a hotel

Still in NYC. Staying at the [YOUR NAME HERE] tonight. Flight home delayed 24 hours so heading to Times Square tonight!!

A Tweet for a rental apartment

The wife's decided to spend her 60th birthday in New York City. Wants to stay at the [YOUR NAME HERE] again. The views over Central Park are truly amazing!

A Tweet for a restaurant

Oysters and caviar , the world’s largest Martini and the big apple. Indulging at [YOUR NAME HERE].

Tripadvisor Reviews

Tripadvisor is one of the biggest travel and hospitality customer review websites.

Three sample reviews for:

  • Hotel
  • Holiday Rental apartment
  • Restaurant
Keyword: New York City.

A hotel

The hotel was fantastic. Only a five minute walk into Times Square. The room was lovely, the breakfast was excellent and staff were more than helpful. It felt as if we were staying with friends and when our flights were cancelled at the last minute they really came through for us. They were able to answer all the questions we had and throughout the stay were a wealth of information about where to go on our trip to New York City.

We would absolutely recommend people stay here. Great staff, awesome location, an all around awesome choice if you want to stay in the greatest city in the world! Also mustn’t forget to mention the friendly house-keeping crew as well lol. Must not forget them! Thanks ever so much again guys! Sarah and Tony, London, England.

A holiday rental apartment

We were staying in New York City to celebrate my wife’s 60th birthday for a whole week and our stay there couldn’t of gone better. The rental apartment is in a brilliant location on the Upper East Side. The views it has over Central Park and the sun rising in the morning over the city are amazing. It was furnished very nicely inside with all designer furniture and has modern electrical appliances, plenty big enough for us.

Communication with the rental company was really easy and hassle free. Across the road there was a large Whole Foods store and there are two subway stations, both within five minutes walking distance. Would recommend anyone to stay here! Next time we come to NYC will be staying here again. Nice one guys for making our holiday a real memorable one.

A restaurant review

I can honestly say it would take a professional food critic to find fault with the cuisine in this place. Oyster and caviar dishes along with the tenderloin steaks are now a real favorite of mine. The wine list was huge and at first to be honest a bit daunting, but the sommeliers were able to give great advice. We decided to follow their recommendation. It was an excellent choice, the drinks were lovely and I had what was probably the largest Martini I’ve ever had in my life!

We arrived right at our reservation time and were seated immediately. The service was most friendly and helpful without any sense of pretence. We were there for long time and were never rushed by the waiting staff. The interior decor and sense of ambience gave us a sense of serenity throughout the night even though the restaurant was busy. When we arrived prices did seem a bit high but as the night went on the value increased greatly, and it compared really well compared to some other famous Manhattan restaurants.

SEO Expert Wanted

We at [YOUR COMPANY NAME] pride ourselves on the quality of our work. But in addition to that we are also proud of the world class team we have become together.

[YOUR COMPANY NAME] are now looking to give the right person an opportunity to be a part of this award winning team.

[YOUR COMPANY NAME] has been expanding consistently for the past 15 years and is now looking for an experienced search engine optimization specialist to join the team.

The Position

We are looking for an SEO/SEM expert to manage all search engine optimization and marketing activities.

Be responsible for managing all SEO activity, such as content strategy, link building efforts and keyword research strategies to increase website rankings.

Work alongside the social media marketing team to help improve the company website’s search engine rankings through its social media activities.


The successful candidate will be working on new projects from the ground up. There will also be maintenance work to be carried out on ongoing projects with previously established customers.

On a day to day basis duties include will include:

The analysis of data, identification of new trends, the gaining of new insights so as to maximum ROI from monthly PPC campaigns.

Control campaign expenditure by staying on budget, forecasting monthly outgoings and reconciling discrepancies.

Perform keyword discovery, expansion and optimization.

Identify opportunities to improve website architecture to improve on-site optimization.


Three to five years SEO experience.

PPC campaign management using Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

An understanding of performance marketing, conversion, and online customer acquisition strategies.

In-depth knowledge of website analytics tools (e.g.: Google Analytics).

A working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technology and its constraints.

An understanding of social media and how it influences search engine rankings.


Basic salary will be based upon experience. Additional unlimited monthly bonus.

Package includes company car, fuel card, laptop and phone.