Press Release Writing Services

Engaging - News Worthy - SEO Optimized

If you have a new product or service coming onto market then gaining the right sort of publicity is vital.

Most business owners want to bring as much attention as possible when they first expose themselves to the market.

One of the very best way of doing this is by publishing a press release. Press releases cannot only bring large amounts of traffic quickly, they can also bring you to the attention of the industries movers and shakers.

By choosing the SEO Article Store to write your press release you can be sure that not only will your story be well written, but that it will also be “news worthy” and therefore more likely to be picked up by the news syndication services such as Google News etc.

Having your product or service appear on one of these popular high-traffic news sites can be one of the best ways to get your name out there fast.

Writing A Quality Press Release

When we write a press release it is very important that there is a story to tell, as opposed to a dry list of facts. This is we believe key to ensure that as many news sites as possible publish your press release.

By including things like how the idea for the product or service first came about, how you put the business together and what previous experience you may have within the industry.

We also make sure to emphasize what makes your business different, highlighting your unique selling points and talking about the feedback you have received from your customers.

Press Release Search Engine Optimization

Before we start to write your press release we put together a list of the main keywords you wish to rank for. We can then include them in the PR in a natural, “non-spammy” way to ensure that they not only read natural, but that they are also included in the most potent parts of the press release, such as within the heading sections.

By doing so we ensure that the PR remains highly relevant to your niche and will bring as much “link juice” as possible, helping you to rank higher in the search engine results pages (the SERPs).