Paid Forum Posting Service

Engaging - Relevant - Authoritative

Our team of native English speakers can register at the discussion forums of your choice and begin making new threads and posts about the subjects you would like us to talk about.

We can turn forums into an active, lively and popular place, encouraging debate and bringing attention to the subjects, products or services that you wish to promote.

Throughout the posting process we take great care to ensure that all of the threads and posts that we create are on-topic, relative to both you and the forums' subject matter, non "spammy" and use proper standard English as any genuine native speaker would.

Using Forum Posting To Bring Direct Traffic

Forum posting is primarily used as a way of bringing direct traffic, i.e. real humans who also frequent the forums.

For example if the forum was about car mechanics in the New York area, and you wanted to promote your car mechanic shop in NYC, then you might make some threads talking about some new tools which have just been released to the market.

As the forum will primarily be used by car mechanics (in the New York area) they would most likely be interested in any new tools which can make their lives easier. This thread could then receive lots of views and you can often (depending upon the forum's settings) place a link to your car mechanic shop's website in your signature.

The main advantage here though is that you, as someone making a useful thread to them, about a subject matter they are interested in establishes you as credible, making it more likely that they will visit your website and trust the products and services you offer.

Using Forum Posting To Increase Search Engine Rankings

Apart from working as a source of direct traffic however forum posting can also be used to help increase your websites rankings in the search engine result pages (the SERPs).

By clever insertion of your products or services keywords we can make each thread/page a great place to have your link as it will be us who decides upon the threads topic, which of course will be relevant to the keyword you want to rank for.

By understanding how the forum code is written, we can ensure that the page's title tag, heading tags (h1, h2 etc.) and all the other HTML elements (such as emphasis and underline) are set to contain your brand or target keywords.

We are not suggesting that using forum posting alone will bring you success, increasing your sites authority and SERP rankings (unless all you want is to bring direct traffic, or increase the activity on your own forum that is). But since Google's Panda and Penguin updates have come into play diversity in your back-link profile is essential, and must appear to be formed completely natural. Forum posting should only form one part of your online marketing campaign, but it is an important one due to the quality of direct traffic it can bring, and its secondary benefit of increasing the size and quality of your back-link profile.

The way in which we carry out the forum posting service will depend very much upon what your goals are. Are you trying to bring as much direct traffic as possible from to a single forum? Or are you more focused on increasing the size, diversity and quality of your back-link profile? Or perhaps you are a website owner, and want to increase the activity on your own site’s discussion forum?

Diversifying the forums is a great way to increase both relevancy and diversity at the same time. For example if you were to be selling DVDs through an affiliate website such as Amazon. Then you may wish to categorize the DVDs you sell into their different genres, such as action, horror, romance and thriller.

We can then post messages to the most relevant forums for each one of these genre types, and make the threads and posts more highly targeted, relevant and therefore at likely to convert.

Talk to us today to discuss your objectives!

We want you to get the very most you can out of our service!

Note: Please don’t forget to include the login details for each forum account you would like us to use (normally an email address and a password).