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Writing Services

By choosing the SEO Article Store to write your articles you can be sure that your article will be well researched, 100% unique, totally free from spelling and grammatical errors, written by a native English speakers and above all be a pleasure to read.

When planning the structure of your article we begin by thinking about which terms someone looking for your article’s subject matter would enter into Google etc. when searching the internet.

For example someone looking to spend as little as possible on a pair of new shoes and who lived in New York might enter “cheap shoe shops NYC”.

When planning out your article we make a list of these terms and ensure that they appear in the article whilst making sure that it is still fully readable and doesn’t come across as “spammy”.

Rewriting Services

We can expand articles, shorten articles, change positive articles into negative articles (and vice-versa), summarize articles, make articles more formal, adapt any of your articles to suit a new type of audience. Oh and of course correct spelling and grammatical errors as well.

Our best advice is to find the article you want rewriting by searching Google using the keywords you are targeting. When your original article appears on the front page that means that it is a “proven ranker”.

You can then send us a link to the article, or send it to us as an attachment and we will completely re-write it so that it is totally unique and can be used on your website as a new article.

The number of paragraphs can be changed, the grammatical sentence structures can be changed and your keywords can be inserted in a natural sounding, “non spammy” way. This level of spinning ensures that your article will pass a manual review by the Google webspam team.